WAPOR Donations

WAPOR awards and prizes are intended to recognize significant accomplishments in the Public Opinion field. In addition to lifetime awards, we also encourage future advancements through student awards and yearly accomplishments for exemplary papers and presentations. All awards have been created by endowments by the benefactor, or families of the person for who the award is named.

Your total amount will be split between funds if you choose to support more than one fund. If you want a different split then please email renae@wapor.org after you have completed the payment.

Elizabeth H. Nelson Prize, for the best paper presented at the annual conference by one or more persons from a society in transition.

Naomi C. Turner Prize, for the best paper by a graduate student at the annual conference.

Robert M. Worcester Prize, for the year’s outstanding article published in the International Journal of Public Opinion Research.

Janet A. Harkness Award, for the best paper on the theory, methods, and/or statistics related to the study of multi-national/ multi-cultural/multi-lingual (3M) survey research.

Wolfgang Donsbach Fund, to support graduate-student travel to the annual conference.

Allan L. McCutcheon Fund, to support graduate-student travel to the annual conference

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