WAPOR 72nd Annual Conference draft programme

Sun May 1907:45-09:00AAPOR Hotel - Grand BallroomJoint Plenary AAPOR/WAPOR: Populism Around the World
Sun May 1909:15-10:45AAPOR Hotel - Willow EastJoint WAPOR/AAPOR Session on Public Opinion & Democracy
Analysis of the Correlation between Nonresponse in Surveys and Political Participation
Mikaela Jarnbert

Liberal Voting Behavior of Middle-Eastern Migrants in Germany: Self-selection in Migration or Political Self-interest?
Mariel Leonard

NY Times Upshot/Siena College Research Institute: Analyzing Question Sequence of Horserace and Candidate Favorability
Don Levy

O Canada: An Analysis of Canadian Public Opinion in 2017-2018
Kathleen Devlin

Democracy Derailed or Fulfilled? How Ballot Measure Wording Affected California's Proposition 6
Jenny Holland

Sun May 1909:15-10:45AAPOR Hotel - Simcoe-DufferiJoint WAPOR/AAPOR Session on Cross-National Surveys
Are Policy Preferences Really Motivated by Economic Self-Interest? Personal Finances and Attitudes Towards Redistribution in 30 Countries
Joseph Cohen

Can Survey Characteristics Help? Explaining Inconsistencies in the Education Distributions of Ten Cross-national Surveys
Verena Ortmanns

State of Surveys Report-Web Survey Creators and Respondents Worldwide
Zewei Zong

Survey Item Durations: Using Past Time Data to Predict Future Interview Length
Davit Tsabutashvili

The Opportunities and Challenges of Surveying Users at Facebook
Gregory Holyk

Trust in Science Around the Globe: What is Driving Variations in Trust & Perceptions of Science?
Orin Puniello

Sun May 1911:05-12:35BakerJoint WAPOR/AAPOR Session: Cross National Surveys
Item Nonresponse and Power: The Impact of Minority Status on Item Nonresponse across Countries
Katharina Meitinger

Conducting Monitoring and Evaluation for Preventing Violent Extremism
Hayk Gyuzalyan

Weighting the night away? Addressing daytime interviewing and unit nonresponse in a national survey
Laura Silver

A Multi-Country Cognitive Evaluation of the 2016 WHO Verbal Autopsy Questionnaires
Paul Scanlon

Sun May 1911:05-12:35CarlyleJoint WAPOR/AAPOR Session: Public Opinion
Diversification, Inequality and Poverty as Related to Trust in Eastern European and Eurasian Democratic Institutions: A Multilevel Longitudinal Study
David Wutchiett

Political Attitudes, Macroeconomic Context, and Attitudes toward Redistributive Public Policies
Timothy Gravelle

Socialist deliberative democracy in China: Attitudes and behaviors of Chinese Officials
Kaiping Zhang

Presidential and prime ministerial approval ratings: honeymoons and mid-term blues (a longitudinal and cross national analysis)
Mark Gill

Sun May 1911:05-12:35ScottResults of the AAPOR/WAPOR Task Force (TF) on Quality of Comparative Surveys
Survey Documentation in 3MC Surveys
Irina Tomescu

Questionnaire Development in 3MC Surveys
Alisa Schoua-Glusberg

Using the Total Survey Error Approach to Assess and Reduce Comparison Error in Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Surveys
Tom Smith

Overall Goals of 3MC Research
Timothy P. Johnson

Error Sources and Quality in 3MC Sampling and Field Implementation
Michael Robbins

Sun May 1911:05-12:35WindsorRound Table I
Democracy and Democratic Values: Dynamics, Measurement, Forecast
Christian Haerpfer

Sun May 1912:35-13:45Mountbatten SalonLunch (WAPOR Registrations Only)
Sun May 1912:35-14:00Mountbatten LanePoster Session: Methodological Challenges and Improvements
Survey climate in Taiwan
Hung-Chia Chen

Dilemmas of Survey workers' experiences using digital data collection methods in public health field surveys in Kenya: results from a health and demographic surveillance system in the Lake Victoria Region
Peter Larson

Sun May 1912:35-14:00Mountbatten LanePoster Session: Public Opinion and Democracy
Democracy under Threat? Newest Survey Evidence Speaking
Kseniya Kizilova

The Public Perception of Democratic Participation: Roles in Reducing Crimes and Conflicts and Enhancing Tolerance Among Ethiopian People
Brhanu Derbew

Full democracy with limited press freedom in Liberia
Marvin Samuel

Does Social Media Matter in Developing Democracies? Examining its Impact on Citizen Political Participation and Expression in Uganda
Juma Kasadha

What is the State of Institutional Trust in Latin America? A Longitudinal Multilevel analysis
Luis Patricio Pena Ibarra

Exploring nuances in Britons' opinions of Brexit and views of the European Union
Courtney Johnson

Sun May 1912:35-14:00Mountbatten LanePoster Session: Social Media, Big Data, Sentiment Analysis, and Emerging Technologies
The role of inter-ethnic online interactions in reconciling post-conflict societies in Africa. Evidence from Uganda.
Juma Kasadha

Institutional trust and social movements in North Africa, West Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa
Nadia Rezgui

Stakeholder Research in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Countries
Svetlana Markova

Rethinking Local Governance in the Africa's Developing democracies: A Big Data Perspective for East Africa
Juma Kasadha

The Surveys on the Japanese National Character: Project History and Some Results from Recent Surveys
Tadahiko Maeda

Sun May 1914:00-15:15Mountbatten LaneKeynote Address: Citizens' Assessments of Electoral Democracy - André Blais
Sun May 1915:15-15:45Mountbatten LaneCoffee Break
Sun May 1915:45-17:00BakerMethodology I
Improving self reported measures of news and reality-TV exposure
Yariv Tsfati

Acquiescence Bias? Or a Perceived Middle Ground?
Yang Meng-Li

Data Collection Mode Change: Going from F2F to CATI - The case of Greece
Carsten Broich

Interviewer Training Programs of Multinational Survey Programs Mapped to the Total Survey Error
Henning Silber

Theory and Practice of Multi-Country and Multi-Group Stakeholder Research.
Eugene Kritski

Sun May 1915:45-17:00CarlylePublic Opinion I
Who wants to be a citizen scientist? Identifying the overall democratic potential of citizen science and target segments in Switzerland and Germany
Tobias Fuechslin

Measuring Pe?a Nieto's approval with second generation statistical model
J. Guadalupe Cárdenas Sánchez

Investigating Why Western Europeans Accept Muslims, but Support at Least Some Restrictions on Muslim Women's Religious Clothing
Jonathan Evans

The Role of Intergroup Contact, Threat Perceptions, Media Exposure and Contextual Factors in Shaping Attitudes toward Refugees and Support for Refugee Policy
Rico Neumann

Public Trust in Election Polls: A Study of the 2018 Mexican Presidential Campaign
Alejandro Moreno

Sun May 1915:45-17:00ScottSocial Media I
Third Generation of Agent Based Models in Opinion Research - Path to Quantitative Predictions
Pawel Sobkowicz

Validity and Reliability Challenges when Extracting Public Opinion Trends from Social Media Expressions
Michael Elasmar

Government communication, public interest and image politics: A study on the Brazilian health policies on social media to strike Aedes aegypti
Edna Miola

Sun May 1915:45-17:00WindsorRound Table II
Democracy 3.0: Polling Innovations for Public Policy
Doug Miller

Mon May 2009:00-10:15BakerMethodology II
HUMAN Surveys: A Data Management Resource for Comparative Public Opinion
Andrew Klassen

Thumbs Sideways?: Improving the Design of Thumb-friendly Scales for Online Surveys
Frances Barlas

Attitudes toward and Experiences of Surveys in Korea
Jibum Kim

Field-work Realities of Survey Interviewers in Lithuania: Links to Survey Quality
Inga Gaizauskaite

Mon May 2009:00-10:15CarlylePolitical Behavior I
The Effectiveness of Manipulating Issue Attitudes on Campaign Posters: An Experimental Study on Online Political Expression
Miao Xu

How Does Age Affect Views on Social Issues Such as Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage in Europe?
Scott Gardner

Shades of Purple: Social Values Patterning by Urbanity in Canada
David Jamieson

Predicting Attitudes toward Out-groups in Singapore: Beyond National Identity
Benjamin Detenber

Mon May 2009:00-10:15GerrardSocial Media II
Sentiment Analysis of Reddit Posts for Real Time Improvement of Election Predictions
Bryant Hwang

Is social media use the factor causing decline of traditional media credibility?
Weiying Shi

Using Social Media to Predict Public Opinion: Case Studies on the Environment and Immigration
Vanessa Killeen

A four-country comparison of digital repertories in politics
Kwansik Mun

Mon May 2009:00-10:15ScottPublic Opinion II
Democratic Discontent in Western Europe and Endorsement of Russia's Disinformation about Ukraine
Erik Nisbet

Did Brexit need a Peace Poll?
Colin Irwin

Using in-depth interviews to uncover the psyche and values relating to governance
Pam Fang

Descending into alternative realities: the increasing prevalence of looking-glass perception and the fragmentation of U.S. opinion climate
Tamas Bodor

European Public Opinion about Climate Change in the Wake of the 2015 Paris Agreement: A Multilevel Analysis
Rico Neumann

Mon May 2009:00-10:15WindsorRound Table III
Media Polls: Pollsters and Their Media Clients Discuss Challenges and Successes
Doug Miller

Mon May 2010:15-10:30Mountbatten LaneCoffee Break
Mon May 2010:30-11:30CarlyleFeatured WAPOR Panel II:Wealth, Jobs, Freedom and Movement through a Global Lens
Wealth, Jobs, Freedom and Movement Through a Global Lens
Neli Esipova

Mon May 2010:30-11:30GerrardFeatured WAPOR Panel I:Public Opinion and Democracy
Public Opinion and Democracy: Friends or Foe? Vox Populi - Vox Dei?
Sir Robert Worcester

Public Opinion and Democracy in Indonesia; A Case Study of Joko Widodo Presidency
Sukawarsini Djelantik

Democracy or Authoritarian Rule - a global comparison
Johnny Heald

Mon May 2010:30-11:30ScottFeatured WAPOR Panel III:When Context is Relevant to Understand Global Public Opinion
Bridging the gap between perceiving and experiencing corruption
Ricardo Gonzalez

Francisco Abundis

Connecting the dots: What does personal experience with health care have to do with organizational health system preferences?
Ricardo Gonzalez

The origins of support of non-traditional post-partisan candidates: An initial look
Marco Morales

Anti-Immigrant Sentiments against Co-Ethnics: Changing National Identity in South Korea
Jaesok Son

Mon May 2011:45-13:00BakerMethodology III
The Diffusion of an Innovation: Survey Research, 1936-2018
Tom W Smith

Experiments on Item Formatting in the Australian Values Survey
Benjamin Phillips

Assessing the performance of propensity score methods for estimating third-party presence effect in observational data from complex surveys
Su-hao Tu

Experiments with 'Loss Framing' Verbiage in Survey Introductions to Raise Response Rates
Paul Lavrakas

Measurement of Social Generalised Trust: a Gap Between Conceptual and Operational Definitions
Inga Gaizauskaite

Mon May 2011:45-13:00CarlyleNews, Media I
Tehran's people pattern of media consumption, a comparison between men & women
Abdolhossein Alimadadi

What is the most effective uncertainty in agenda setting theory? : Explicating the concept of uncertainty in need for orientation and verifying the explanatory power in media effects
Seohyun An

Media Use and Public Perceptions of Forensic Evidence
Paul Brewer

Making Realworld Predictions from Longitudinal Multicountry Research Trends
Doug Miller

Mon May 2011:45-13:00GerrardPublic Opinion III
The Impact of Religion on Egypt's Democratic Experience
Nora Garas

Giving voice to the Iranian people: Introduction of VoxIran, largest databank of representative Iranian polls
Amir Farmanesh

The brazilian perception of democracy from an age perspective
Marielli Bittencourt

Responding to Voters' Dissatisfaction With Government
Steven Kull

Mon May 2011:45-13:00ScottPolitical Behavior II
Does Public Infrastructure Investment Earn Votes? Experimental evidence from Madrid River Park
Enrique Garcia-Viñuela

A multidimensional model of measuring and evaluating participation in young democracies. The role of new media - the Romanian case
Dan Sultanescu

Dynamics of Citizens' News Consumption during Pre-Campaign and Campaign Phases in the German Federal Election 2017
Lea Gorski

The presidential campaign of Sergio Fajardo in Colombia. A case analysis
Alvaro Duque

Afghan Futures: Polling Results in Afghanistan's Most Recent Elections
Matthew Warshaw

Mon May 2013:00-14:00Mountbatten SalonLunch
Mon May 2014:00-15:15BakerMethodology IV
Comparing Alternative Within-Household Sampling Methods in Face-to-Face Survey Research: Is Probability Selection Ideal?
J. Daniel Montalvo

I [Don't] Think We're Alone Now: Third-Party Presence in European Face-to-Face Surveys
Stacy Pancratz

Managing Non-response Errors in Exit Poll Through Experiment: Georgian Case Study
Masahiko Aida

Understanding mode switching and non-response patterns
Alexandru Cernat

Mon May 2014:00-15:15CarlyleNews, Media II
Exposure to Gendered Framing and Public Opinion: The Role of Gendered Constructions in the International Arena
Yossi David

The relevance of different levels of trust for public opinion formation
Ilka Jakobs

Determining Access To Independent Media Through Audience Measurement Data
Tavian MacKinnon

Media impacts on the shaping of political attitudes. Analysis of the effect of the 2018 Mexican electoral campaign on political disaffection from the model O-S-R-O-R
Carlos Muniz

Mon May 2014:00-15:15GerrardPublic Opinion IV
Online sharing, political extremity and reduced network interaction: An imagined audience approach
Min-Hsin Su

Land Supply Debate in Hong Kong: The hypocrisy of public consultation in an undemocratic society
Chit-Fai Edward Tai

Elaborating the Effect of Political Scandal Exposure: Information Scanning, Information Seeking, Evaluation of Officials and Support Intention in Mainland China
Yansong Zhang

Diana Penago Vasquez

Trust in Government Statistics in Korea
Jibum Kim

Mon May 2014:00-15:15ScottPolitical Behavior III
Francisco Abundis

E-Transparency Policies in the Brazilian National Congress: Can legislative bills change a closed political culture?
Francisco Paulo Jamil Almeida Marques

Chat Apps and Affective Polarization in Japan, South Korea and the United States
Hernando Rojas

Increasing the Misreporting Levels of Induced Abortion in Turkey: Any Social Desirability Bias?
Ismet Koc

Equality or economic growth? A quantitative analysis of public preferences for welfare state equality versus free market prosperity
Jonathan Kelley

Mon May 2014:00-15:15WindsorRound Table IV
Peer-to-peer advice on fundraising/business models for longitudinal studies
Doug Miller

Mon May 2015:15-15:45Mountbatten LaneCoffee Break
Mon May 2015:45-17:00BakerMethodology V
Religious Change around the World, 1991-2018
Tom W Smith

The accuracy of pre-electoral poll aggregations in different political contexts
Fabricio Vasselai

Detection and use of data on weekly, monthly cyclical changes of the accessible population
Andrei Veikher

Understanding Change In Time Of Measurement Error Using Longitudinal Multitrait Multierror
Alexandru Cernat

Does public support for the welfare state translate into support for the environmental state?: Multilevel evidence from the European Social Survey
Kirils Makarovs

Mon May 2015:45-17:00CarlyleBest Practices
If You Take the Morning After Pill In the Afternoon, Does It Still Work? A Case Study on the Importance of Focus Groups
Kate Vasiloff

Forecasting Employment and GDP Data Using Consumer Sentiment: An analysis in 24 countries
Marcus Maher

Role of Research in Building Social Participation in the Context of the IKEA Consumer Campaign: Climate Action Starts At Home
Eugene Kritski

Inequality Does Not Impair Subjective Health: Europe, 2003-2016
M.D.R. Evans

Is family well-being still the most important motive in the decision to move
Hynek Jerabek

Mon May 2015:45-17:00GerrardPublic Opinion V
We don't see them counting, we just get it from the news: A mixed methods analysis of Canadians attitudes and concerns about the electoral process
Anais Bertrand-Dansereau

Investigating the Legitimacy of Survey and Public Opinion Research
Timothy Johnson

Understanding democratic legitimacy in Peru: It is the economy stupid?
Jorge Aragon

Bordering on the Edge: Attitudes Toward Immigration in California
Randall Thomas

The Evolution of Regime Publics: Understanding Supporters of Democracy and Authoritarianism in Latin America
Alejandro Moreno

Mon May 2015:45-17:00ScottPolitical Behavior IV
Inequality and Electoral Abstention in Latin America: A Multilevel Exploration
Federica Sanchez Staniak

Whom to Blame? Assessing the Consequences of Financial Crisis under Authoritarian Media Environment
Evgeniia Mitrokhina

We did not vote for this government: dynamics of electoral absenteeism and paternalistic contract in Russia
Yulia Baskakova

Applying a Behavioural-Science Approach to Predict Differential Voter Turnout and Impact on Popular Vote
Darrell Bricker

Political Beliefs in Europe: A Belief Network Analysis Approach
Paulina Tabery

Tue May 2109:00-10:15BakerWAPOR ASIA council meeting
Tue May 2109:00-10:15GerrardNew Sources
New Regulation Approach for Civic Communication's Fake News in Science and Technology Area
Wenkai Jin

One-sided or Balanced? How Political Attitudes and Opinions in User Comments Influence News Selection in Social Media
Claudia Wilhelm

Entrepreneurs Use of Mass Media in Oman to Influence Public Opinion: A National Survey
Hosni Nasr

The Sources of Public Attitudes toward Afghan Security Forces in the War against the Taliban
Karl Kaltenthaler

Tue May 2109:00-10:15ScottFeatured Panel: Democracy Today: Dynamics and Trends of Popular Support for Democracy (part I)
From Authoritarian Personality to Authoritarian Reflex: Evolving Views of an Enduring Phenomenon
Ronald Inglehart

Sources of Political Regime Support: New Comparative Evidence from the World Values Survey
Christian Haerpfer

Trust and Trustworthiness in National Governance
Pippa Norris

Tue May 2110:15-10:30Mountbatten LaneCoffee Break
Tue May 2110:30-11:30CarlyleFeatured Panel: Survey Research on Subjective Well-being: Cross-National Polls
Well-being across the Globe
Neli Esipova

Measuring material determinants of happiness in later life
Aigul Zabirova

Voice of Public: perception of Central Asian countries
Yuri Bakaloff

Subjective well-being: Eurasian Monitor of Post-Soviet Countries
Tatiana Karabchuk

Tue May 2110:30-11:30GerrardWAPOR-ESOMAR-CRIC SESSION: Accuracy of polls in Canada
Canada polling in a global context
Jon Puleston

Problematic Polling Conducted During the 2017 Calgary Election
Christopher Adams

A failure of the polls, a late campaign swing, or else? The Quebec 2018 election
Claire Durand

Tue May 2110:30-11:30ScottFeatured Panel: Democracy Today: Dynamics and Trends of Popular Support for Democracy (part II)
Experts Versus the Public: Socioeconomic Bias in Perceptions of Electoral Integrity
Andrew Klassen

Self-right ideological placement in seven democracies: A comparatice mass-elite analysis
Hendrik Kotze

The Influence of Media Use on Different Modes of Political Participation in China: Political Trust as the Mediating Factor
Hongna Miao

Migrant Hygge: Feeling at home in a cold climate
Pippa Norris and Bi Puranen

Delivering experiences that count: Global survey results and insights on digital citizen services
Tanya Whitehead

Tue May 2110:30-11:30WindsorRound Table V
Winning back public trust in polling: Can becoming a more purposeful profession help?
Doug Miller

Tue May 2111:45-13:00Mountbatten SalonWAPOR-ESOMAR-CRIC SESSION: Challenges of public opinion research in Canada
Tue May 2111:45-13:00WindsorRound Table VI
WAPOR Chapters: Reports from the Regions
Doug Miller

Tue May 2113:00-14:00Mountbatten SalonLunch
Tue May 2114:00-15:15CarlyleChallenges in Cross-National Research
What Do They Remember? Probing for Recall in Philippines, Kenya and El Salvador on Employment and Earnings Using Cognitive Interviews for USAID's Youth Workforce DevelopmLauent (WFD) Programs
Mousumi Sarkar

How Remote Mobile Surveys in Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe Provided Valuable Election Insights
Tavian MacKinnon

Analyzing the influence of non-observable and observable interviewer characteristics on measurement error: Evidence from Zambia
P. Linh Nguyen

Tue May 2114:00-15:15GerrardWAPOR-ESOMAR-CRIC SESSION: Overcoming challenges and assuring the future of public opinion polls in Canada
Tue May 2114:00-15:15ScottElectoral Polls II
Election Polling in Non-Liberal Democracies: The Case of Iran
Ebrahim Mohseni-Cheraghlou

Electoral Polls in Emerging/Incomplete Democracies in Sub-Saharan Africa
Raphal Ngava

Kelvin Mungai

Its do or die for pollsters in Africa
Angela Ambitho

Tue May 2114:00-15:15WindsorRound Table VII
How academic and private pollsters can cooperate better to advance our profession
Doug Miller

Tue May 2115:15-17:00Mountbatten LaneWAPOR Members Business Meeting and Coffee Break